Join the VTShorebirds Team!

We regularly hire seasonal biologists and recruit graduate students for our various field projects. These positions often are posted on the Texas A&M wildlife job board, but we also try to post them here.


Seasonal Positions

No currently open positions. check back soon!

Graduate Positions

We strongly suggest that you contact one of our faculty members in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation at Virginia Tech as you consider graduate programs. All positions within our program and within the department require support from a faculty member. Our positions are almost always associated with a specific project, and we rarely take on students if we do not have the position funded from matriculation to graduation. While we often post these positions on social media and the Texas A&M wildlife job board, there is no substitute for direct contact. Students with their own external funding (e.g., NSF) that would like to join our team are welcomed and encouraged to contact us to see if VTShorebirds is the right fit for you and your studies.

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